Alphabet Bunting for Nursery


Before Connor was born, I had two photo frames I wanted to hang on that wall, but my husband didn’t think it was a good idea. He thinks Connor would eventually be tall enough and start pulling on those frames, creating a potential hazard. Well, he has a point. So that wall remained empty for a long time. Continue reading

A New Year Resolution

This is cliche, but this blog is indeed a part of my new year resolution. Here is my very ambitious resolution for 2014:

Do what makes me happy: To be honest, I was at a point where I am a bit tired and rusted. Up until my early twenties, I drew and designed for fun. I stayed up to design not because I got paid (I didn’t), but because I enjoyed it. I only think about money nowadays, and how much I should charge when a certain effort is made. I didn’t like that. I want to draw, design, and create projects that makes me happy while not to think about money.

Design, Draw, and/or Work After Connor Goes To Bed: For the past two years, I was always exhausted after my 2-year old son, Connor, goes to bed (and he goes to bed at 7:30pm!) I found myself staring at the TV between 8pm-midnight for much of 2013, which I HATE.

Start a Blog: I want to start a blog that documents my design journey, provides printable templates, and help out a few crafty mothers along the way.

Establish an Illustration Portfolio: Rediscover my style and establish an illustration portfolio from scratch that I actually love and can be proud of.

Establish an Etsy shop: Sell my art and designs and provide custom services where it is appropriate.

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