I ♥ Holiday Greetings


Every year, I would create custom holiday greeting packages for my clients. It is a love-hate relationship: While I love doing something clever for my clients and remind them that I am thinking about them, I am very creative, and they should give me a call for their next project (ha!), it is very hard to find something clever, design a card that echos the gift, and put them altogether in a cute packaging, all within a budget. In here I want to share with you a few of my past holiday packages.


In 2010 I sent out these cute cans of “Let It Snow! Instant Snow”. I didn’t have the idea of matching Christmas card then, so I designed something graphic and generic. I had leftovers so I sent out a box to my friend. She said she made “snow”, and at the end it was just like a bucket of trash and she didn’t know what to do it with it! It cracks me up, but I also want to do better in the coming years.


I was pregnant and about to go on maternity leave in 2011, so I did something very simple and sent only to existing clients. The jingle bell ring came with a cute velvet pouch, and as my client told me, it was a great water cooler conversational piece ! I have also included Truffles from Godiva.


In 2012 I found the vintage-packaged Ridley’s yo-yo, and thought it would be a great holiday gift as it is small and light. I designed a card where a little boy attacks Santa with a yo-yo, and inside the card I wrote, and here’s a gift for you to attack intruders. This one was a great hit!


Last year I discovered the Nanoblock brand from Barnes and Noble, so I went to hunt it down and see if they have any Christmas themed products. I chose to send out the reindeer, and I found this in a very good price with NewEgg.com! On my Christmas card, I have Santa asking 2 reindeers “where is Rodolph?”, and inside the card, I put “and here’s a reindeer for you in a bag”. At first I wanted to portray that these other reindeers killed Rudolph and put him in a bag, but I thought it may not be funny to everybody, and the reindeer in the bag didn’t have a red nose.

I usually start hunting for these gifts in the middle of the year, so it is never too early to start thinking about them. I hope these inspires you, and gives you ideas of stocking stuffers / holiday greetings for your friends and families!

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