“Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp, final assignment


So here we are, at the end of our MATS Bootcamp journey. I am feeling both excited and lost. I will spare you the details of my internal struggle and jump right into the assignment. If you haven’t closed the browser window by the end of this post, then we’ll talk about my thoughts more. Ha ha!

Mini Assignment: My Favorite Drinks
We were asked to draw our favorite drinks 15 minutes a day for a week. We were asked to play, and draw on at least 1 new surface that we haven’t drawn on before. We have a Facebook Group for our class, and each assignment we were allowed to share our drawings. But for this month, we were asked to not share our drawings and focus on our own development rather than getting influenced by others. We can share photos of our favorite drinks though.

Many of our classmates shared beautiful pictures of tea cups that they used to drink their morning coffee from. Many shared beautiful designs that they created themselves. Some shared pictures of alcoholic beverages while they are on their vacation (envy!). I didn’t have a picture to share, because the pictures would be a typical drink which I wasn’t sipping on at the moment. Some would be drinks that I no longer get to drink unless I travel to the other side of the globe where I was from.

My morning beverages are English breakfast tea, soy latte, Suisse Mocha (?) from the local coffee shop Cafe Intermezzo. Alcoholic drinks are Sangria, White Wine, Mojito. My long lost favorite drinks from home (Hong Kong) are iced lemon tea, “silk stockings” milk tea (yeah doesn’t it sound gross!), and red bean shaved ice. *Sob sob*.

I have been the biggest fan of Pablo Picasso. With this assignment, I am not sure why but I thought of Picasso’s still life paintings (and Picasso wasn’t even particularly famous on still life!). I searched and found many references, of course. Some of them are paintings inspired by Picasso’s style by other artists. I love the bold use of layered rich colors, and those black lines and color shapes. I love how abstract his compositions are while they are so compelling and emotional.


I am clueless on oil (or even acrylic) painting, of course, but I thought a similar look could be retrieved with oil pastels. I played with oil pastels on old tissue paper I found in my recycle bin. I really liked how it looks. And most importantly, I had so much fun. I wasn’t even worrying about what this will end up to be.

Main Assignment: Create a Piece of Art For Yourself Or A Friend
I am so glad that the oil pastel sketches can actually be applied to the final art that I will be submitting. I played with creating more background textures, scanning in and laying the drinks out. I liked how it look and I liked the colors.

The pink composition was what I submitted to the July gallery. I created two more compositions to complete a series. While it is not museum quality, I think I wouldn’t mind hanging this up in my kitchen!



Now… Where Do I Go From Here?
Back to when we finished the MATS (A) class, we were asked to fill out a survey on what we have learned, what they can do to improve the class…etc. I wanted to fill it out several times but I ended up didn’t, because it was one of those experiences that I learned so much, but I can’t quite put my finger on it on what it is. It is like when I asked my 2.5 year old son on what did he learn at school today? He’d answer, I don’t know, I played. But he’s the one who continuously surprised me with new things that he learned. I guess we all learn and grow while we played.

I have joined Lilla’s Global Talent Search (GTS), which will begin on August 5. This time, it is really a “death match”, where if you don’t advance to the next level, you are out! Only the best gets to finish 3 rounds of assignments, and the final winner will be represented by the Lilla Rogers Studio for 2 years, plus a series of art licensing deals with well known brands. Check it out via this link: #globaltalentsearch @lillarogers http://bit.ly/1nTHfuW .

I have never won anything when it comes to “art/drawing/talent competition” since childhood (!), not even the second or third price, so this will be a very long shot for me. I actually doubt if I would be good enough to make the cut to top 50! However, getting represented by Lilla has been my dream, and I can’t stop working toward my dream, just like a moth can’t stop going to the light bulb for light. Wow, pretty sad huh… Just typing this makes me teared up! I will blog about my “journey” – well, at least for the first assignment!

I have been mentally preparing myself for weeks now that I can’t be too disappointed when I don’t make the cut, and I’ve been vigorously working toward my plan B. I’ve been emailing art directors of various companies with my work. So far, I do hear back from one that he sees potential in me if I further develop a style that he sees fit. So… we’ll see!

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