“Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp, May Assignment

Life was crazy before and after Surtex. Finally things are slowly quieting down, and I can catch up on documenting my last two Lilla Rogers“Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp assignments.


Mini Assignment: People / Vintage Dolls
I was in the middle of preparing and going on my trip to Surtex when the May assignment hits, so things were a bit hairy, but manageable. The mini assignment was to draw people and vintage dolls, and we should consider using a technique that we haven’t tried before, and/or is outside of our comfort zone.

I had so much fun researching about vintage dolls and drawing them. Each of the vintage dolls are so well designed, and I learned so much from seeing how the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, hands…etc. can be represented so differently and stylistically by so many different artists throughout the decades.


As for the medium, I realized I have never played with pencils and color pencils from all my past assignments, so I want to play with that. I also want to give collaging another try, so I collected various materials and textures for this. I made fun “paper dolls” and created stories out of it!

Main Assignment: Meditation
Create an 8×10 full page magazine editorial illustration illustrating this article. The article is about the writer, a lady with a busy life and busy mind, trying to give meditation a try when she needs to block off all the distracting “noises” she has in her mind. She wants to give it a try because of all the health benefits of meditation, and she challenges her readers to give it a try with her.


An image came to my mind when I was reading the article, and I sketched it out and liked it. It was a lady with long hair. She has her eyes closed in meditative state, while her hair was tangled with all sorts of colorless “bubbles” that illustrates all kinds of distractions from our lives (image to the left). I liked it as a sketch, but I colored it and I didn’t like it anymore. I liked the bubbles, but the girl needs to be redrawn. She looks like a badly drawn Barbie. Argh.

I redrew the woman with more humor and focus on her face (image to the right). I have added a lot of textures, and I even scanned in my actual “to-do list” and placed it in the background. Then I let it sit while I went to Surtex.


Lilla’s “Surprise”: Make it Blue!
On the 3rd week, Lilla wanted us to try with blue. There I came back to revisit the image, and I no longer liked all the textures and noise in the background. It was truly busy and distracting, I bet it will distract the readers from reading the article. So I removed all the textures and made it calm. This is what I submitted to the May Gallery.

I seldom genuinely love what I created, but I do love what I submitted with this assignment. I think this lady is a lot of fun, and I loved the color and the textures.

Side story: My 2-year old now believes that this image is his grandma (my mom)! My mom is not tech-savvy, and she does not have Skype nor Facetime. She lives in Hong Kong so I can’t even help her set up one. When I call her, I’d usually put her on speaker on my iphone so my son would be able to say hi to her too. Since there was nothing on screen, I pulled this image up and look at it while my mom was on speaker phone. My son was very much used to Facetime, andhe  thought this illustration is his grandmother! Nowadays whenever he sees this drawing, he starts calling, “por-por! por-por!” (grandma in Cantonese). It cracks me up ! I guess that is another reason why I love this illustration so much :-)

Off to the June assignment….

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