Times When I Wish I Had a Daughter

Paper Costumes

I came across these via my Facebook News Feed. And oh boy. The times when I wish I had a daughter!

Oh wait. I don’t think I could ever be that handy, crafty or creative. Never mind.

I clicked over to the link that led me to this: e-Creativity, then Huffington Post, to the ultimate creative mama, Angie at FashionbyMayhem. Her entire collection of paper/board dresses can be viewed under her Instagram account @2sisters_angie.

According to Angie, most of the dresses (idea to execution) are a 50/50 group effort by her and her four year old daughter, (nicknamed) Mayhem. Amongst all the exquisite creations, I especially love this one dress that was made by her daughter, all by herself. It is very child-like, but very masterful at the same time. I want to see how it would look if a real fashion designer were to recreate this dress in fabric, and a model walk in it on the catwalk.

Paper Costumes

And of course, onto the recreations of some of the beautiful gowns on the red carpet. Please do go over to @2sisters_angie to take a look at all of them.

Paper Costumes

Paper Costumes

Paper Costumes

According to the “contact us” page on FashionbyMayhem, they are open to making paper dresses for potential customers. That would be a wonderful idea to create a Halloween costume for your little one (depending on how much money you have, and how skillful you are to reconstruct the paper costume from a shipment box)! Actually now it gives me inspiration and incentive to think of ours.

And did you see the variety of expressions Mayhem is capable of expressing? This little girl is truly a professional fashionista. I am sure having professional photographer parents helps too.

All pictures and original interview are from The Huffington Post.

Original creations by Angie at FashionbyMayhem (instagram @2sisters_angie).


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