My Favorites from MATS Bootcamp, March Gallery


The Lilla Rogers “Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp March Gallery is released. This is the second month of our class, and our second project. The project’s theme is jello, and the medium is bolt fabric pattern design.

The quality of work is so professional and, so yummy this time around. Like last time, it is my selfish desire to pick out and bookmark a handful that I like the most, and write a post about it. I must gloat that I picked so well last time, that one of my favorites, the cuckoo clock by Linda Tordoff (paintlovestudio), was picked up by Paper and Cloth Design Studio. She is now officially represented by this agent. Congrats to her! Let’s see what happens this time.

I picked 28 this time (so it fits nicely into 7 rows, haha). It is always so hard to pick out only a limited number of my favorites – at one point I had 80 browser tabs open, and I almost want to give up. Again, this is purely my personal favorites. The order is random. Below are the links to individual pieces within the gallery (which links to the artists’ respective portfolios), and reasons to why I like them:


  1. Tara Lilly: The color and line work just work so well together, and the girls are just so adorable! I love the subtle layering effect. I looked back at my February picks and Tara was also in one of my absolute favorites too. OK. Why are you taking the class girl? You can go teach a class!
  2. Janacurll: Something about this is so attractive. The vibrant retro colors on the jello contrasts so well against the white cake stands, and I love how the simple modern shapes interact with these retro colors. On her original submission she has a mock-up pattern on an oven mitt too. So darn adorable.
  3. beebrown: I had a major crush on this the first time I saw it when this appeared on our classroom message board. The colors work so well (the pink, the blue and the brown!), and I love how each character has a slight curve to their bodies, which softens the entire pattern, and make all the elements work together so well.
  4. Jan Avellana: I love how each of the faces are within a jello shape, great concept! I love the transparencies, and the entire pattern has a nice layered effect.
  5. loriweitzel: I love the limited color palette of this, the layered effect, and the line work.
  6. svaata: Please do click over to her original image, zoom in, and see it up close. I love how the very organic textures are contained so nicely within the clean vector shapes. It is just so beautifully rendered. I longed to see this in the form of a pattern, but I am so drawn to this already as is.
  7. shannonnewlin: Another one of my crushes from our closed Facebook message board classroom. Her technique reminds me of a Marc Chagall painting. So beautiful, organic, flowy, and happy. Please do click over and see her original submission too, she has the painting cut out to form another pattern as well. Delicious.
  8. Zoe Ingram: The winner from last year’s Global Talent Search shows us how it is done. I’ve seen this pattern mocked up on an apron, and it just belongs. I can see it being printed on an object that we may take for granted, so beautiful yet subtle, which unknowingly lifts up our spirits every day. It doesn’t scream at you and say “look at me!”. It is just there for you to bring you a smile when you glance over at it.
  9. anisamakhoul: I love this piece as an artwork. How clever to create a surreal world with mountains of jello! I love the flags too, it makes the world so whimsical. It has so much potential, I almost want to see how buildings and people look like in this world. This belongs in a MOMA somewhere.
  10. annelehman: The reason I like this is in line with (8). It is very subtle but beautiful. I love how the colors work together, the transparencies and layering effect.
  11. krimmel: I always have a thing for intense watercolor looks, and this one got it. I really love how the traditional medium works so well with the vector work, and the layering that I am going goo-goo ga-ga about on everyone’s work.
  12. emmawarner: This one is beautiful just because it is! I love the texture and how it forms a pattern. I don’t recognize jello and I don’t care.
  13. mummysam: I really love the limited color palette and the clean lines.
  14. rbradley: I think this is done in pastel and color pencil, or please correct me? I love how organic and “unfinished” it looks. It looks like just a sketch on a napkin but it just works so well. Something that I wouldn’t dare to submit, but she did and it is just beautiful.
  15. tenaciousfran: This is just so whimsical and different and I love things that are different. The jello becomes these funky vehicles and animals are just driving around in this fun galaxy world. I love the scaling of the objects too which gives it a lot of interest and depth.
  16. traceyenglish: Another one that has that intense watercolor look. The watercolor look has that “uncontrollable” (it is a good thing!) look to it where it bleeds and blends, yet it just works so well and it illustrates the physical quality of jello so well.
  17. maneypenny: I love how this piece looks like woodblock linotype print, yet another one of my obsessions. It eliminates the transparency and softness of jello, but it gives a new abstract interpretation to it that translate the subject matter in a new light.
  18. maike: I remember maike from the last assignment! Her work was one of my favorites too last time around. Her cuckoo clock was very symmetrical and accurate last time, and I love seeing how organic her lines look this time. She is not afraid to use black lines for the subject matter, which I admire, and it totally worked.
  19. robyn: Beautiful jellos contains within organic shapes. It almost as if they were alive and swimming around in space. Yet when you don’t study it, it works as a pattern. I really love the line work.
  20. Reika: Welcome to the 18th century Rococo tea party. I love how the lines work with the filled shapes, the colors, the layers and the transparency. And that was only 20! 8 more to go….
  21. Lien Geeroms: Love these flattened characters at a jello date night. For some reason this reminds me of Mesopotamian artifact with a European, or even Middle-Eastern flare. Am I crazy ? I really like this though.
  22. dewicitra: I love how the fork, the spoon and the jello becomes alive. They seem to be French aristocrats and they are adorable. Love the layer effect!
  23. catpalstone: I love that rural and vintage feel to this piece. The style is so casual yet it works so well.
  24. ksatava: Love the colors, the lines, and the layers. Yum!
  25. karakramer: Love the organic casual style of this. It says “Chill-o”, which is refreshing to think about jello made with chilli peppers? Great humorous concept. I love how the forms of the jello are stripped down to the very basic, they just becomes fun shapes to look at. You don’t need to know what it is and it is OK.
  26. Antonija M: Love the Jello Rococo dance party. This palette is very beautiful and the girls are so cute.
  27. jannakrupinski: I kept coming back to this piece because I am in love with the mice. This is one of those designs that makes you smile and want to study what is going on, and think about what the storyline is. They are just so happy and I can see them on a baby bib and any other children products!
  28. eneri: As always, I love to shamelessly call out my own work! *blush* :-)

Wow, that was hardwork! I learned a lot from just writing and thinking about what I like about each piece, and I hope you enjoy this post too. Are these some of your favorites too?

If you haven’t done so already, please go over to Lilla’s official March gallery to see all the work. There are so many wonderful pieces I missed out so you must see it yourself.

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7 thoughts on “My Favorites from MATS Bootcamp, March Gallery

  1. Great job and great post again. I was doing this kind of exercise in a not so structured way and it is great to understand what makes a particular piece work. Thank you so much for the excellent effort. And your literary style is also great. It feels like we´re talking together. Well done!

    • Thank you so much Bethania! I enjoyed doing this because after I did it and I look at the work I liked, I noticed there is a specific style that I am drawn to. Then I know what I should work on myself, and study and understand how and why the work I like are so successful. I am glad you enjoyed it too!

      And thanks for the kind words about my writing. Oh boy, I have been repeatedly told by different people (teachers, my boss, haha it’s true!) that I can’t write, so it is nice even if you meant it as a polite comment! :D

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