“Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp: March Assignment

Jellosaurus Rex: Jello Party Crash

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have joined Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells Bootcamp, where we are given one assignment each month to complete. This has been what I’ve been living and breathing these days!

March is over before you know it. This is one of the most overworked assignments I have done, and I am still not happy with it… partly because no matter how hard you tried and were satisfied with what you did, you look at what your classmates are doing, and they just blew your mind. Sometimes it made me want to dig a hole, hide and cry, and just forget about drawing and go flip burgers in McDonalds.

Regardless, here is the round up.

Week 1: Subject Matter – Jello

Yes. We were asked to draw jello. I was very bummed at first. I was very fond of the subject matter of our previous assignment, the cuckoo clock, but I didn’t feel jello.

I am a long term fan of Marc Boutavant and Meomi, and I always wanted to try out a complex environment that tells a story.


Style references and inspiration
Top image: Source from Meomi.com
Bottom two images: Source from Marc Boutavant, Heart Agency

So off I went and tried. I started in vector and I sketched a lot of jellos and characters. We just spent the weekend playing soccer in the park and had a blast, so I started drawing a playground where jello characters are playing soccer. This is in line to what I was trying to do, but I am not in love with it. The jello characters don’t look loveable.

MATSBootcamp2_3I missed the texture and transparency in watercolor, so I started drawing the jello in watercolor too. At the same time, I was drawing another piece for my son with some of his favorite things, so I can make a custom t-shirt for him. When I was scanning in the T-rex, I looked at the t-rex, and go back to look at the jello, and I thought it would be really funny and ironic to put the T-rex with jello. One being so masculine, clumsy and destructive while the other is so pretty, delicate and vulnerable!


Jellosaurus Rex: Jello Party Crash

T-Rex Dino At A Jelly Party

So this is what it ends up. I actually really love it. I thought it was really funny. I was really hoping for prints for bowls and plates, and I can draw a series of dinosaurs about to destroy the jello!


Week 2: Medium: Bolt Fabric Pattern

I love bolt fabric and I love creating patterns, but I just didn’t see how “Dino destroying jello” is going to work in bolt fabric. People tend to want to see cute things on bolt fabric because they may use and even wear them everyday. Bolt fabric is more often made for girls too, and girls don’t like dinosaurs. So to be honest, I was quite disappointed.

I tried drawing more icons and arranged a pattern in the “Before” image. It was too busy and just too much. I spaced them out a lot and add a third dinosaur to balance it out. I also made an effort to add some curve element to soften the composition, hence the dinosaur with a very long curvy neck. I think it works pretty well.

Jellosaurus Rex: Jello Party Crash


Week 3: Lilla’s Color Palette Surprise…

Lilla had “warned” us that there would be a “surprise” color palette release on the 3rd week. It is a muted floral palette.

It is very beautiful, vintage and elegant, but once again, it is very off from what I was doing. Vibrant color is needed to make my story funny! I tried with the muted colors anyway and ended up with the image below that I am not happy with. It is just very awkward. I did experiment more and came up with a doily pattern that works better with the palette.

Jellosaurus Rex: Jello Party Crash


Final Submission

This is what I ended up submitting. When I was in the 2nd week, I really liked the darker background. I love the contrast and the color combination. I would buy this fabric if I knew how to sew! This pattern actually looked very good (in my humble opinion!) when I mocked it up on tote bags and aprons. I have also included a pattern color variation, and the two surprise palette exercises on the bottom thumbnails.

Jellosaurus Rex: Jello Party Crash



Jellosaurus Rex on Society6

What do you think about my design? What should I change and how should I revise if needed?

I have uploaded my designs onto my Society6 account, and you can see how they look when printed on various designs. Please support me by promoting it if you like ‘em!


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  1. It is so pretty! I love the juxtaposition between the evil dinosaur and delicate jello =-) The long neck dinosaur is a good idea, it makes the pattern flows much nicer!

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