DIY: Ella’s Birthday Card

Ella's Birthday Card

One of Connor’s classmates, Ella, gave Connor a big toy truck for his birthday. Connor loves it so much! We want to do something special for her big day as well, which is today.

Apart from buying a gift, I quickly doodled up a birthday card that is semi-customized. I reused the illustration I created for Connor & His Yoga Babies Friends, changed the hair style a bit to make her look more like Ella. To be very honest, I don’t know Ella too well as I only see her occasionally at daycare pick up / drop off time, so I can’t say this reflects how she is like at all, but it is cute nonetheless! I also added more birthday elements in vibrant pink and blue.

Ella's Birthday Card

There is a bunting element printed in the inside of the card. It is a blank card so we wrote up a short message for her. I wanted to create an envelope lining too, but it was 10pm and I wouldn’t be able to make it. Maybe next time.

I am so delighted with two recent purchases I made. I bought these A2 white envelopes (box of 100), and now I can just make any card I want and I have an envelope to go with it! They are just plain envelopes, so if if you want it to be more special you can always design a liner for it. I am planning to have some simple printable templates later on. I also finally bought the Martha Stewart Crafts Bone Folder to score my cards at the fold line. It works very well so far.


Ella's Birthday Card I have adjusted the illustration to make it more generic, and now it is available as a printable. Just in case if you want to create your own handmade birthday card for a girl that look somewhat like Ella :)

Download the card PDF here:

Please note that these printables are free for non-commercial personal use only. They are not transferrable, and they are copyrighted and are protected under Fair Use Copyright Act.

Happy Crafting!