Valentine’s Day Class Gift Idea



With a little research ahead of time and some DIY, you can do very nice, unique and one-of-a-kind gifts with very little money. I am becoming quite an expert in this! Here is a mini-DIY project for you and hopefully it will help you on the next Valentine’s Day for your little one. Free printables are available for download.

For this Valentine’s day, I bought a pack of 24 piece Ocean Life Stamps from Amazon. It was around $7 with free shipping. There are other designs too, such as safari animals or other more generic designs. I designed a little custom tag that is very easy to cut out and assemble. Just wrap the tag around the handle of the stamp, and glue the two ends together with Glue Dots. They look so cute!


To make it useful as a generic template, I have tweaked it a little, and created a girl and boy version (Yes, boys can use pink on this special day, in my opinion). I hope your little one looks like these generic little characters! If you do need a custom tweak to the illustration so he/she looks more like your little one, please don’t hesitate to contact me and this can be done at a charge.


Download these tags here:

Please note that these printables are free for non-commercial personal use only. They are not transferrable, and they are copyrighted and are protected under Fair Use Copyright Act.

Happy Crafting!



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