My Favorites from MATS Bootcamp, February Gallery


As I wrote about it on my previous post, I have joined the Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp by the wonderful Lilla Rogers, one of the top illustration agents in the world. Each month we’ll get an assignment, which is broken down into weeks. We will finished by the third week of the month and submit to the gallery. The February gallery went live two days ago. The theme is about cuckoo clocks, and the media is cellphone cover. And there were over 400 wonderful submissions to it.

I finally had a chance to see it myself, and I was overwhelmed by it. There are a lot of talent, but there are just too many to look at! So, I picked out 20 that caught my eye, and I like the most. There are so many of them that I liked, but I want to limit to 20 so this post will somehow come to an end (!) The order is random. Below are the links to individual pieces within the gallery (which links to the artists’ respective portfolios), and reasons to why I like them:


  1. Louise Wright: It is so whimsical to have a lady with a house on her hat!
  2. Valesca: It is a bit off topic (no cuckoo clocks!), but something about the simplicity, those colors and lines of the chestnuts really draws me to it.
  3. Tara Lilly: There is just so much detail to it and so many little stories buried here and there within the illustration.
  4. 3happygirls:  I can’t begin to say how much I love this! The mixed media (ink, watercolor, color pencils, crayons?) even create depth to this piece. And I love the loose and sketchy quality to it.
  5. paintlovestudio: I love the textures and collage quality of this piece.
  6. Shannonhays: The happy clock makes me smile. And I love the cloth texture added to it.
  7. mollybroadley: I don’t even know how to begin. I love how bold she is to strip out all colors and use blue and white only. I love how it looks like a woodblock linotype print, and the reference to Delftware! It is just precious, I can see it printed on a plate, and I would buy it.
  8. nanciejanitz: I love the black ink lines and how color works with it. The style is so unique.
  9. lilmissmissy: Something so happy about this – the happy fox and the color palette is so yummy it makes me smile.
  10. trina: Something so warm and intimate about this piece. I think it is a handmade collage, and I love it! I love the depth it has, and love the bear!
  11. aleiriarte: The color is so beautiful and the design is so intricate. It fits so beautifully on a cellphone cover.
  12. dewicitra: I am drawn to the face of a lady and how a cuckoo clock interacts with her. It is so intricate and makes you want to know what is the story behind it.
  13. maike: I really love the line work, and the symmetry of this. So beautiful.
  14. artbykellie: The color is so vibrant, and I love how everything is composed of very simple geometric shapes.
  15. gillcameron: I love this style! The line work and the color shapes works and compliments each other so well.
  16. annelafarme: Maybe I am in the watercolor obsession phase, but something about this that I am really drawn to. I really love how the watercolor look in this piece. It looks so causal, but somehow very intimate and different from anything that is available in the market. Personally I love the individual elements more than the clock itself.
  17. jacquilee: I love how the variety of abstract houses/roofs of the clocks looks like faces.
  18. jannakrupinski: What a lovely home for the owl and the squirrel.
  19. bycece: The idea of a cat and a cuckoo clock intrigues me. Maybe the cat ate the cuckoo bird? The color is also very yummy as well.
  20. eneri: Okay. I am biased, but this is my submission!

I apologize for not being able to include all the work that I like! Are these some of your favorites too, and are there any specific work that you love but I didn’t include? If you haven’t done so already, please do visit the official February gallery to check it out yourself!




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10 thoughts on “My Favorites from MATS Bootcamp, February Gallery

  1. Lovely post. I appreciated a lot the fact that you made me see things I hadn´t noticed before. Some of my favourites are here, some are missing, but you called my attention to so many things I hadn´t noticed that it was a great reading and very inspiring. Thank you for the analytical and yet funny approach.

    • Yippie to Minties! :) Oh boy I need to go back to do more Mint challenges… I have been so submerged into the Lilla class (even on the off week)!

  2. Hello Irene, thank you for including my cuckoo clock lady in your list, yay \o/
    I love to see an artist point of view, and yours is full detail that – just like Bethania said – I hadn’t notice before

  3. Thanks again, Irene, for including my bunny cuckoo in your post! I am so honored to be included with so many fabulous artists! I just this morning got back to read your post in full, and just had to comment and let you know that my design is actually several linocuts edited together. I’m so glad you were able to pick up the handmade quality…sometimes I worry that gets lost when I do a lot of photoshopping.

  4. What a wonderful post! You have some of my favs too, and some that I don’t know how I missed. It’s fun to see another artist’s take on other artists. I might have to do this next month.

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