Greeting Cards with Custom Portraits


I have met three very dear friends from my prenatal yoga class, they all had the same due date as I did back then. Needless to say, our babies have grown to become adorable little toddlers together! We have just had our joint birthday celebration not long ago, and I wanted to recap the little custom portrait cards I have created for them.

A few weeks ago, I have created a custom thank you card with Connor’s illustrated character saying “thanks!” on the cover. So, during Connor’s naptime, I changed the hair and clothing on the illustration, and made three more characters that are custom designed for each of my toddler friends.

These cards are roughly 4″x4″ with a fold, and I laid them out so they print 2-up on a letter-sized card stock. This is a quick and dirty job, so I didn’t do the proper bleed, crop marks and all. I printed on the other side as well with a very simple message saying “We are 2!”, with the names of the toddlers and date.

I taped these handmade cards on top of these little gifts I have purchased ahead of time (if you must know, they are mini Dr. Suess story books). Don’t they look adorable?



Here are the character portraits next to the very first photo they have taken together. Oh how much they have changed! Can you tell who is who?

My friends loved the card! One of them even say she wanted to buy a little frame to frame this up! This was all done over a nap time, and I had so much fun!

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