DIY: 1-Year Old Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot


I have done some research online, and have seen a lot of 1-year old cake smash photo shoot, where you put a toddler with a birthday cake, and capture the moments where he/she interacts with the cake. I loved the idea, and wanted to recreate my own.

To give it some party fare, I bought a paper garland kit, and a 1-year old birthday hat from Amazon. I chose to do the shoot at a corner of our house without backdrop. I thought the soft apple green gives a nice and soft home feeling that is authentic, fun and warm.

I didn’t know what to do and what to expect, so I just threw Connor into the setting. It didn’t turn out as I hoped! I forgot to set to a higher ISO higher setting, so the SLR photos were all “motion blurred”. The point-and-shoot photos were the only acceptable ones. I also didn’t plan for his outfit!


I did it again the following weekend after his nap. For Connor in a basic grey onesie. The result turns out just as I hoped! Some of these photos are now available as royalty-free photographs on





Obviously the carrot cake I bought from Whole Foods was too hard to smash on, but Connor got his first taste of cake, and we had fun shooting! His 2nd birthday is coming up, and I have to start thinking about that.

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