Alphabet Bunting for Nursery


Before Connor was born, I had two photo frames I wanted to hang on that wall, but my husband didn’t think it was a good idea. He thinks Connor would eventually be tall enough and start pulling on those frames, creating a potential hazard. Well, he has a point. So that wall remained empty for a long time.

As he grow older and started saying words, I wanted to put out alphabets and numbers in his room, so hopefully he gets to learn them by heart easily as he’ll be seeing them every day. I have also seen bunting decorations in nurseries, and I love them. I decided to create my own alphabet bunting. I have included this project free for personal use only. You can download the PDF template here.

I printed them on regular inkjet paper that has actually been used/printed on on the other side! These are pretty filmsy, but they do hold up OK. If I were to do it again, I would print it on a thicker paper stock. If you do print it on a thicker paper stock, I would score the fold area lightly with your Xacto knife so it folds easily and wraps around the thread/ribbon of choice.






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